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Tom Dickins and the Punintentionals

Tom Dickins & The Punintentionals are proud to announce the release of their debut album:

“A Brief Case of Madness”.


The album traverses a wide spectrum of genre, influence and thematic genesis. The songs are woven together by the strong arrangement favouring swelling vocals, with a strong and diverse use of percussion. The sound has been described as eccentric, plaintive, cerebral, detached, emotional, melancholic, amiable, autumnal, cathartic, dramatic, passionate, quirky, reflective, theatrical, earnest,ethereal,witty, hypnotic, intimate, literate, joyous, bittersweet, fun, playful, romantic, sentimental and stylish. So basically it’s indie alternative…

The album was made financially possible after a widely successful crowd-funding campaign closed in June 2012. The campaign reached the $10,000 target in less than 10 hours, and went on to raise a total of $25,600 over a month.

The backers of the campaign were invited to contribute to the album via access to an exclusive Facebook group, activated the day the campaign closed. The Group have provided feedback, ideas, artwork, inspiration and support – forming a process that firmly speaks to Dickins’ belief in community.

In September 2012 Dickins packed up his life in Brunswick and moved to the small country town of Woodend with his wife to finish writing and recording the album.





The album’s title is a (pun intentional) reference to a briefcase containing Dickins’ writing books of lyrics, poetry and music spanning the past decade. In the lead up to making the record, Dickins typed them up, rediscovering forgotton songs, some of which were re-worked and made it on to the album (The Itch, Miss You Already, Without Exit Strategy); Some of which reminded him why heartbroken 19 year olds should keep their toured inner poet to themselves…

Dusty Stars, the final track on the album was a late addition to the track list. Dickins wrote the song the day before his wedding (in March 2013) and sung it for the first time publicly during the wedding speeches. It now acts as a coda to the record; an acoustic story of hope and possibility.

The artwork was created by placing every single lyric sung by Dickins on the album into a rabbit-hole like design into madness. The inside cover art is made up largely of artworks created and sent in by supporters of the album, amongst handwritten lyrics and photos of the band – showcasing the collaborative madness behind the creation of the record.

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact Ange Devery, Crowded via email: ange@crowded.net.au or phone 0430 227 997

ALBUM LAUNCH Tom Dickins & The Punintentionals album launch at the Spotted Mallard. WHEN: 16 August 2013 WHERE: The Spotted Mallard, 314 Sydney Road, Brunswick TIME: From 8:30pm COST: $10 Online, $12 Door TICKETS: from The Spotted Mallard Website, http://spottedmallard.com/


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