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Woodend Housing Development


Villawood have been rejected a permit to built hundreds of house blocks, although this wont stop them from attempting the same thing again later on.

Coles were rejected a permit for a servo on the entrance to Woodend.

Over the last couple of years in Woodend there has been a high profile petition against Villawood building a 650 building lot development on the northern outskirts of Woodend, whilst I am firmly against this development due to the strains placed on the local and council amenities and support residents action against this development, one of the points of interest that keeps coming up is that ‘there is a lot of land in and around Woodend that can be developed first before the likes of Villawood should proceed” ┬áThen when a new development is proposed in the Woodend boundary local residents or NIMBY’S (Not in my Back Yard) then protest against it, People we need to get serious how can we protest against Villawood and citing the development opportunities that abound in Woodend and then when it comes to the crunch protest again. If you dont want Villawood, then dont protest and object against other developments in the local area. No wonder VCAT overturned the recent decision of the 38 lot development in Noonan Grove.

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