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We have a more indepth blog with regards to veggie gardening in Woodend.

here is the link.



this is lots of info/tips/help and what veggies grow well and dont grow in Woodend, Victoria.


Veggie Planters

For our Veggies we looked at planter boxes and these ranged from $100 to more than $200

I made these veggie planters from buying an old galvanised water tank from off ebay, I then cut it in half using an angle grinder and ended up with 2 veggie planters that would retail new at about $200 each.



Save yourself a heap of the folding stuff by making this simple garden bed.

Save yourself a heap of the folding stuff by making this simple garden bed.


Around the top of the planter would be sharp after cutting with a grinder, but this can be fixed by cutting the length of a water hose and the silicone glue it on. Cost for these was approximately $40.00 a tank, $20.00 each planter, although I did have to pick them up and you may need a trailer.

We have since bought another 2 water tanks and cut these down to another 4 planters.

we will have to make some more and we plan to make the veggie garden bigger.



Fed up with the local wildlife birds coming into the chuck house and stealing all the grain food, anyway I have bought a feeder spring from hereĀ  www.triggerhappychickens.co.uk/

I will take some pictures of how I put together the setup. It looks like it will be good to reduce theft, wasted spillage which should reduce our chicken feed consumption a lot.

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