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Business Tips 2


You really do not have to spend a fortune on software for your business, In fact most computer software you can get for FREE, for all your word processing, spreadsheets etc that is also compatible with MS word files, just search for “office org” and download the free software suite.

Make sure you install a spyware search and destroy program just search for “spyware search and destroy” for your firewall you cannot go past the FREE  “Zone alarm” and FREE  “AVG” for your antivirus.


Start off with a basic webpage easy to design yourself with loads of layouts using WIX, later  on you could pay for the full version, also do not forget to use Facebook.

To help get you business up higher into google rankings, search for “Free press release” and write your own press release, you can also pay for some press releases to get even better ranking, the ranking will take a little time though as google only scans pages every so often.


Get yourself into School magazines by donating something or even paying for a advert. its usually quite cheap and targets the exact area you want to be in.






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