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Business tips

If you are wanting to run a business, then these 3 tips must be in your Mantra

1. Identify your unique selling point – What makes your business different? Can you make a niche market for yourself?

2. Promote your business as much as you can, twitter, LInkedin, Facebook, Google, business cards and sign writing on your vehicles or anything else you think of.

3. Stop yourself from being pressured by sales people, quite often they have a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and you “must” give an answer right away.”  The sales people are just telling you fibs, they do not need an answer there and then, just tell then before you make any commitment you need to speak to your partner before you can make a decision  (that may be your dad, mum, or significant other) the sales people do not need to know this.  I have always done this on any purchase of more than $300. A couple of days thought enables you to justify the cost to your business and your ROI.

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