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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Woodend Residents Association

    hi there, From Woodend in Northolt, London. please join our Facebook page and we can share news!!!!!

    Wood end residents

  2. Bryan Higgins

    My wife and I are staying in Woodend shortly for about 3/4 weeks. Are there any badminton courts/clubs nearby as we play regularly and want to stay reasonably fit. Contact details appreciated.

    1. woodendv Post author

      There are a few around neigbouring towns such as Sunbury and Gisboure, We also have tennis courts, there may also be Badmington club at Buffalo stadium.

  3. Cindy Fisher

    Hi we are coming fromt he Gold Coast in October to do a bit of Family History Research. We are looking for anyone that would know where the property Lyndhurst Park owned by John Fisher (School Teacher) would be situated.

    Can’t wait to visit to see where it all began.

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